1.Acceptance v’s Resistance

Acceptance is the first Law of Spirit !

Anything you completely Accept changes ! Trapped Energy becomes freed and a shift occurs in your vibration of energy you are experiencing. Your Soul accepts every aspect of your Being. Your Soul accepts all your habits, traits, and characteristics. If there is an inner voice that criticises you, then it is not the voice of your soul. It is a part of you who needs to be loved and accepted. Your Soul loves you just as you are !

Resistance is the voice of Ego. It gives ego more power and fuels more struggle and discontent in the body. As a result of conditioning which starts at a very young age, we resist ourselves. We find it hard to accept ourselves because society suggests what is deemed acceptable, attractive, and we are conditioned to believe this.

~ Breathe Acceptance, Love, Compassion, kindness and forgiveness to that part of you that feels unworthy, unacceptable, rejected, or unloved. Forgive yourself for buying into the criticism and thinking you are unacceptable, then Let It Go! Thank the Universe for the experience that created the opportunity to acknowledge your lack of acceptance.

Remember Acceptance does not mean you have to like it, it means you stop being at war with it so you can access soulutions !


When I Accept myself I am freed from the burden of needing your Acceptance ! 


2. Essence Identity v’s Form Identity

Our Essence is who we really are ! it is our real self, our higher self, our true self, our soul, our essence. Our Essence Identity is deeper than our form identity as it involves our spiritual dimension. Our Soul is the bridge between the mind, body and the Universe, and it resembles the essence of the Universe.

Form Identity is when we identify with how we look, something we have, the thoughts in our mind, or our feelings. Our form identity is man made and does not give us a sense of our Real Self. The mind cannot intimidate the Real Self, only the image we have created of our self ! When we identify with form (body, thoughts etc) we will always struggle emotionally!

Your soul wants something very different and it does not care about what you look like or whether you are right or liked.


3. Peace v’s Struggle

The result of Patience is Peace ! Peace is the energy of the Soul.

The goal is to Choose Peace !

~ Think of a time when you accepted someone’s behaviour or indeed your own …. Think of the inner peace you felt when you stopped fighting or trying to change someone else. Peace is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.

4.Compassion v’s Complaining

Choose compassion and stop complaining about others and how they treat you. You cannot make people change. You can appreciate and develop an understanding that people behave the way they do as a result of their model of the world!

It is not personal! It is about them!

Complaining about yourself and your life fuel’s the ego and it signals you are not listening to the voice of your soul.

Develop compassion for self and others in you daily experience.


5.Forgiveness v’s Resentment 

Self forgiveness is as important as forgiving others. Forgive yourself by becoming aware of any unloving, judgemental or critical thoughts or feelings you have about yourself!. Forgiving others does not mean you are condoning their behaviour. You are forgiving their soul.

You can forgive others at a soul level and choose not to be around them.

Resentment is futile as no amount of feeling bad will ever make something feel better. A grievance is a strong negative emotion connected to an event in the past that is being kept alive by constant thoughts in the present. It contaminates other areas in your life as the negative emotional energy can distort your perception of an event in the present, or influence the way you behave towards people in the present. Also in most cases people treat you the way you are treating yourself. If someone is rejecting you then explore how you could be rejecting yourself or your soul. You may not know you are doing it until someone does it to you!

If someone is ignoring you, criticising you, or neglecting you explore how you could be doing this to yourself?

Ask yourself …. How is the way this person is treating me mirroring how I am treating myself ?

6.Non Judgement v’s Judgement

How often do you judge yourself and others ? Judgements can come in the form of negative thoughts, criticisms, and non acceptance. Non Judgement is the nurturing voice of the soul. We all behave in the best way we know how based on our resources and our model of the world. Unless you are in the person’s shoes then you do not know what is going on in their mind. Judging yourself and others will create a filter through which reality becomes distorted. This can create a situation where we do not see the person for who they are but for how we are! They say when we judge someone, the scratch is on the lens of our camera!

There is no experience you have had or so called mistake you have made or will ever make that justifies your judging yourself as BAD, WRONG, UNWORTHY, A FAILURE, DEFECTIVE, INFERIOR, or any other word you choose to use.


7.Love v’s Loathing

Unconditional Love is the purest form of energy and can overcome all !

Self Love is rare ! We are so busy trying to get others to love us, that we forget that people cannot give us what we lack for ourselves ! The irony is if we love ourselves then we are less likely to need to be liked and loved by so many. You do not need to be perfect to be loved, you just need to be YOU!

Start gently by becoming aware of your own soul’s love for you.

You can only love others as much as you love yourself. Open your heart and be willing to be vulnerable. When you are vulnerable, you have nothing to defend. You do not need to apologise, explain yourself, or put distance between yourself and others. You accept yourself, just as you are!

You do not need to try and live up to an image of perfection so others will love you. You stop feeling inferior to others.

You become aware of your strength that comes from letting others see that you are not perfect. You recognise that you are worthy, and lovable just as you are.

Self loathing reinforces negative energy which results in pain, illness, and disempowerment. If you have issues around emotional eating then before you eat ask yourself ‘’ is this Self Love or Self Loathing ?. Acknowledge you are making a choice to eat something but question your motivation.


8.Presence v’s Absence

Presence is awareness of the present moment and acceptance of it. It involves no thought or awareness of thoughts without engaging or attachment. Lessons can only be learned when we are present. Some lessons are painful, some painless, but all are priceless! Presence is also know as a state of higher consciousness or heightened awareness. Our state of consciousness is primary, all else… anxiety, stress, fear is secondary and suggests we have lost sight of our inner or higher purpose. Being present means we are witnessing our thoughts and feelings. We do not have to align with them.

Honour the present moment and struggle and unhappiness dissolve. Observation is a state of Being!.

Absence or when the unconscious mind has taken over is a signal that you are not aware at that moment. You are not allowing soul energy to flow. You are not able to hear the nurturing voice of the soul as the noise of the mind is drowning it out.

Create a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing!. Dr Wayne Dyer.


9.Soul v’s Ego

Our Soul is the aspect of ourselves that closely resembles the essence of the Universe. It is the bridge between the body, mind and the universe. Our Soul = Divinity Individualised !

Our Divinity can manifest anything, heal anything and create anything. The voice of the soul is nurturing, compassionate, understanding, accepting and does not judge. Live from the soul and all else will come to you ! Your Soul wants you to focus on making a life, not making a living. Abundance does not flow from what you are doing, but from what you are Being !

The soul does not know about anger or fear or anxiety as they are mind (ego) made. One of the most essential tasks on your soul journey is to reclaim your consciousness from the mind. The most effective way to do this is to take your attention away from your thoughts and direct it into your body.

Soul Love is a new skill. When encountering difficult people or situations ask yourself…. How might I handle this situation if I were living from my Soul ?

Ego or mind identification is man made and it means unconsciousness has returned. The underlying emotion that governs all the activity of the Ego is FEAR… False Evidence Appearing Real. The Ego strengthens itself through the mind by generating negativity and pain. The ego creates separation and separation creates suffering. The ego works by telling a story about you, a person, a situation, etc. and the body believes it and then feels bad. The ego has its roots in past conditioning and the voice of the ego attempts to disrupt the body’s natural state of well being (soul energy). Control is the ego’s search for safety, comfort, and security.

When you recognise ego for what it is, it starts to dissolve and you create a shift in consciousness or you awaken!.


10.Surrender v’s Attachment

In order to transform all lower energies or feelings, simply acknowledge them and then surrender or release them to your soul, so your soul can dissolve them.

~ Place your hand on your heart and say ‘ I now release the past with love’ . Bring Soul Love into any situation to transform it. Repeat the following mantra… ‘’I love you, I forgive you, I thank you. I honour your humanity and your divinity’’.

Ask your Soul to fill you with its Love.

When you need to make a decision or choice call upon your Soul’s light to illuminate the way forward for you.

When you feel burdened, depressed, tired, overwhelmed, ask your Soul to let its joy flow through you through out the day.

Attachment to negative feelings or lower energies creates trapped energy and can then result in pain and suffering. Let go your attachment to any thoughts and feelings that do not serve you. Let go attachment to any thoughts and feelings that stop you accepting or loving yourself or others. Surrender and release to your Soul in order that they may be dissolved. In regard to behaviour they say we do not do things because they are good or bad, but because of our attachment to the behaviour. Develop the art of detachment. As you become more aware of who you are, your attachment to your past and identification with it becomes less and less.


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