‘No Amount of Self Improvement can make up for a Lack of Self Acceptance !’

When it comes to Self Acceptance, many find they are unable to accept themselves. After all who is the Self we are being asked to Accept ? In most cases the sense of self is being derived from the mind (ego). You are not your mind, and you are not your body. You are more than this, much more. But if you think this is who you are then you are unable to accept yourself because your mind would have you think you are not good enough, or you don’t look a certain way, so you are not attractive, and don’t get me started on the thoughts which generate feelings of fear, doubt, anxiety, stress, etc… So all in all this is actually unacceptable ?, you are unacceptable ? right ?

So let’s start by exploring Acceptance….

Acceptance does not mean you have to like something! It does mean you need to stop waging war on it or resisting it. So Acceptance is not about having to like your thoughts or like your body, but it is about the willingness to stop resisting or waging war on them. At the core of Acceptance is Peace and at the core of Peace is Your Real Self !

So by practicing Acceptance, which is also known as non resistance, you get to embark on a journey with no distance from the head to the heart and Align with your Real Self/Soul Self/True Self/Higher Self etc.

This happens as you Allow the ‘Real Self’ energy to flow, as previously you would have been resisting the flow of energy because of your interpretation of your ‘self’.

‘When I discover who I am, I’ll be Free’ – Ralph Ellison

Identity is one way we use to define who we are. Identity can take on the form of an image, a thought, a feeling, a body sensation and these can become the building blocks that you then use to define yourself. Example … I am a strong person, I am a negative person, I am a manager, I am a parent etc.. To identify with something is to seek yourself in it, so who you believe you are is not separate from the thought, feeling or image. To identify also suggests you are invested in it so if you think you are negative then you will respond to life from a negative stance. If you think you are not good enough you will respond to Life from this stance. Over time this results in a disconnection from our True or Real Self.

So what’s my point ?

Well when we came into the world we came in without any ‘identity’ so to speak. We were free, light, natural, easy, simple, relaxed. This state called Presence is still within us. In a state of Presence we need no identifications. We just are, I AM !

Presence is your magnet and your compass, if you Allow it !

Presence is your magnet to becoming empowered by your Real Self.

When we don’t trust our True or Real Self, our inclination is to grab onto an image or identity of ‘who I am’ and then we project this sense of self onto the world. If you become Self Aware and are willing to become free of your identification, then slowly it will fall away. You are not bad or wrong for having identifications, as it’s part of the developmental process of life. That said it’s not part of who we have to be. That’s the Choice !

‘When I Accept Myself, I am freed from the burden of needing you to Accept Me’ – Dr Steve Maraboli


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