Do you struggle with Food, Body & Weight Issues?

Do you constantly obsess about food or perhaps you are trapped in an endless cycle of shame, guilt and negative judgements?

If any of the above resonates with you then this workshop is for YOU!

This workshop offers an opportunity for intensive Personal Growth and Change. It will equip you with resources, insights, and a new skill set necessary to create a Healthy Relationship with Food, Body & Weight. You will also get to meet like minded people who are on a similar journey to you. These workshops are limited in numbers so each person can get the attention they require.


My guarantee to you is upon completion of this workshop you will shift your perspective and this will have a transformative effect on your relationship with food, body & weight!

The workshops are also guaranteed to be empowering, uplifting and inspiring!


Look forward to meeting you!

For further information on workshop content and dates of upcoming workshops please email me on or mobile 087 2056560.

Warm Wishes


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Eating Disorder Breakthrough Sessions

A Breakthrough Session is a 3 Hour transformational experience which has been proven to be really beneficial in restoring balance. The Session involves addressing the specific aspects that are creating the imbalances that drive the habits and patterns you are exhibiting.

So whether you are Restricting, Purging or Binge Eating, this session with help you explore the deeper needs being met by your behaviour and then you will learn how to get these needs met in a healthy balanced way that doesn’t involve food!

I also carry out  these sessions on a Saturday or Sunday to facilitate individuals who have really busy weeks as you need the time after  to process all that we cover.


For further information please email Suzanne at or mobile 087 2056560.