My Philosophy is based on the premise that the majority of emotional suffering is as a result of judgements which arise from misinterpreting, misunderstanding, and misidentification of our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, relationships, and challenges.

Over time we repeat patterns of behaviour which reinforces negativity and causes us to interpret the present through filters from our past. The issues and patterns get anchored in the level of ego and they are reflected in the physical body in the form of illness, pain, stress, anxiety disorders, depression, fear, eating disorders, addictive behaviours etc.

‘Recurring behaviour is a lesson not learned’

Judgemental thinking is an automatic by product of mind centred living instead of Heart Centred Being. Every thought and feeling has a corresponding belief which under pins it. It is these beliefs that create the judgements that hold our negative patterns in place.

In many cases we try and dissociate from the pain of these judgements by self medicating with alcohol, drugs and food. We do not repeat these behaviours because they are good or bad, but because of our attachment to them.

Your beliefs become your biology and they are more powerful than your genes, in fact emerging research states they can change your gene expression (epigenetics). See icon on beliefs for more information.

My Approach is rooted in expanding your Awareness of who your Real Self is !

We are Divine Beings (Soul) using a human experience (Ego) to awaken to our Divinity. We need to embrace our Divinity and embrace our Humanity. The ego is our greatest teacher and it is through our ego that we grow and evolve to align with our Authentic Self /Highest Self / Soul Self. So you could say the ego is working for our Soul.

My Approach utilises the qualities of the Soul…. Acceptance, Compassion, Non Judgement, Detachment, and Self Forgiveness.

We explore the nature of your challenges  and  then we address your interpretation and the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours as a result of this interpretation. Now we can elicit what belief is being activated and this enables us to get to the core issue which is coming up for healing.

You will learn how to let go and dissolve all judgements and explore, express and accept feelings no matter how uncomfortable they are.

Finally we learn how to reframe or reinterpret the experiences and this frees you from limiting interpretations of reality and also empowers you to see all challenges as opportunities to grow.

A simple reframe would be instead of saying ‘I have so many negative feelings I don’t know what to do’, you could reframe and say ‘I have so many challenging feelings’. These feelings are in fact challenging you to grow. One empowers you, the other is disempowering.


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