I have worked with Suzanne in the past on various challenges that kept coming at me and I would not be where I am now but for her wisdom, knowledge and insight into what was going on for me. I can say now that I would not be married or have children if it not for the fact that Suzanne held the space for me to look at my fear around relationships and it was only then i realised it was self sabotage ! I worked with Suzanne and was then able to  rise to the challenges that I understood because of our work together.  All of my relationships changed as a result of our working together ! I will always be grateful to her for her patience and non judgmental approach.    ‘B’   Wexford.


After many years of treatment at different centres my hope for recovery was next to nothing. Then a friend recommended Suzanne and she has been my life saver. Everyone takes their own path but for me it has been a long one. She is the most dedicated and professional person i have ever met. She has worked diligently with me for the last number of years to educate and inform me of my recovery. She is a kind, caring and sensitive person. I  never felt happy with myself and often I was alone and unhappy. I was less and less hopeful that I would ever feel better or make progress. In my work with Suzanne we began to uncover the beliefs that were at the root of my unhappiness. I felt very safe and understood by her. I learned recovery is a process and finally I can live free from my eating disorder, I can live a value driven life. I understand myself and my true nature. I learned to enjoy life, embrace it and truly feel contentment and fulfilment . I also learned I deserved to be happy. I truly know that without the compassion and care I received from Suzanne I wouldn’t be able to have this outlook on life. Thanks Suzanne !            ‘J’     Tipperary.


Suzanne is this amazing energy of light and love and you feel better about yourself just by being in her presence. I have done alot of work on myself through the tools she has given me. She has taught me to be kind to myself and that the ego has programmed us to believe all the nasty things about ourselves are real. This of course is not true, we need to listen to our intuition or higher self in order to transform our thoughts. Whenever I start to think negatively about myself now I am able to stop myself from running with more negative thoughts. My outlook in general is more positive and I have started achieving goals I never thoguht I could achieve. Suzanne genuinely cares and I would highly recommend seeing her if you are struggling with your mental or emotional health. ‘G’  Dublin


I have known Suzanne since 2011 when I had my first encounter with her. On my first meeting  with Suzanne, she was so welcoming and made me feel at ease. She is a lady of her word and helped me back to a healthy, free life. In doing so Suzanne helped me remove all my anxieties and fears I was experiencing in life. Nothing was to much trouble for this lady. She was so supportive and was with me whenever I needed her, even on those days I found myself struggling. She was always there to give me that reassuring encouragement. We worked together in a way that felt comfortable to speak and express my worries in life. We always spoke in a wonderful relaxing environment, and I always felt at ease in her company. Today I owe my life to this wonderful remarkable lady for bringing me to the woman I’ve become today.                  ‘S’   Louth.


I can’t thank Suzanne enough for her guidance and wisdom in my recovery. Her natural caring personality always made it so comfortable and easy during my darkest days. Today I am in a place of recovery thanks to her. I will always be eternally grateful.          ‘J’     Dublin.




”Suzanne, My most influential Teacher!” is the best way to describe how significant she has been in my life. I started seeing Suzanne at the age of 16 years old when i was going through Anorexia. After trying a 6 month eating disorder programme in Dublin, and trying several recommended therapists and therapy which were unsuccessful, thankfully my parents came across Suzanne. I feel very blessed to have crossed Suzanne’s path at such a young age. She was the first ever therapist I met who approached my eating disorder by ‘challenging my thinking and mindset’ rather than making up a’meal plan’. After seeing her for a few months, I had a whole new understanding of myself and my eating disorder and with her support & tools, I started my recovery to a healthier mindset and weight, and more importantly I felt extremely understood and supported by her each step of the way.

Since then, I have gone on to live my life and begin my career. After spending a few years in an intense corporate environment, I hit another wall. Feeling low, and unhappy with my life, I became anxious and going back to Suzanne was the best decision I could have made. Hew warm and caring presence allowed me to open up and be at ease sharing everything I was thinking and feeling. Over the period of a few months she highlighted some limiting beliefs, values and behavioural patterns that I needed to ‘let go’ in order to be able to live a more fulfilling & soulful life. I am now living a life beyond what I could have ever imagined, being the most comfortable and happiest I have ever been in my own skin and with a whole new positive perspective and awareness on my life.

I don’t have words to describe how thankful I am for all her support, hours of listening, coaching, text messages and emails. She is one of a kind!

‘C’ New Zeland.