Soul Coaching is about helping you understand why you are encountering the same challenges over and over again. It involves dissolving or removing your barriers, blocks, limitations, or obstacles so you can discover your own inner wisdom. This inner wisdom allows you breaks patterns of behaviour that sabotage or keep you stuck. It is not therapy, it’s more about Clarity!

It involves identifying, acknowledging, and releasing anything that does not serve you.

Soul Coaching serves to align your inner spiritual life with your outer life. It is an uplifting experience. Creative Living is tapping into the highest expression of yourself. Here lies unlimited peace, joy and an abundance of all that is great.  ‘This is the Me I want to Be.’

You do not need to delve into the past as challenges will arise in the present once you become aware and let yourself feel what you are feeling. You cannot find yourself by going into the past, but by coming into the present. We look at the past but we do not dwell on it.

Soul Coaching involves….

Mental Level ~ Bringing Awareness to the barriers, judgements, and beliefs that do not serve you and then releasing them. This includes learning to stop identifying with your mind. You are not your thoughts.

Emotional Level ~ Bringing Awareness to the feelings that are keeping you stuck and learning how to be ok with uncomfortable feelings. When you understand the nature of these feelings you will be able to get in touch with them. This comes from awareness, not identifying with them or attaching meaning to them. You feel what it is you are feeling and it’s all ok.

Physical Level ~ Bringing Awareness to the fact that you are not your Body ! Your body is where your Soul lives. Instead you need to cultivate an awareness of feeling your body from within and not from outside. The only way to be comfortable in your body is to realise you are not your body!

Soul Level ~ Here you get to learn a new skill … Soul Love! You do not need to be perfect, you just need to be You and start to feel your Soul’s love for you. Your Soul loves you that much it uses your body to get your attention, albeit in the form of challenges. You get to see challenges are Divine Sign Posts ! Here we bring awareness to our oneness. We align with our true essence and creativity and infinite possibilities flourish. Grace and gratitude result from aligning with your Soul.

Here we learn about Acceptance, Compassion, Non judgement, Non Attachment, Faith, Letting Go, Forgiveness, Peace, Joy, Fulfilment, Meaning, Purpose, and last but not least Happiness!

Connecting with your true self enables thoughts and beliefs to fall away, so you can experience a state of ‘Being’.

Soul coaching is where I guide you live the life you were born to live !

‘Expect a miracle when you start to be true to yourself’



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