So what does it mean to be Soulful ?

For me being Soulful is about becoming aware that our Soul is the core of who we are ! It embodies living life according to a deeper meaning and purpose. Our Soul’s purpose is to love unconditionally and the experiences or issues we encounter in life are opportunities to grow and align with our Soul and fulfil our Soul purpose.

When we align our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours with the highest part of our Self (Soul), we are filled with enthusiasm, purpose and meaning. Authentic Power has it’s roots in the deepest source of our being. That is why it is said the longest journey we will ever have to make is from our head to our heart.

‘The road to the Soul is through the Heart’ Gary Zukav

Love, Joy, Balance and Harmony are all qualities of the Soul as are Acceptance, Compassion, Non Judgement, Detachment, and Forgiveness. When we respond to Life’s challenges with Love and Compassion (heart centred) instead of fear and doubt (mind centred), we incur aspects of Balance and Harmony.

‘Your Vision will become clear when you can look into your own Heart. Who looks outside Dreams, who looks inside Awakens !’

 How do you get to place where you can Be Soulful ?

Awareness is the first step to living a more Soulful Life.

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Once you recognise that every emotional upset is a signal from your Soul inviting you to look at mental and emotional issues that are in need of healing, you can then shift from reacting from a mind centred place to responding from a heart centred place. Creative Living is tapping into the highest expression of yourself.

Just for a minute imagine what it would be like to let go of persistent anxiety, worry, shame, fear, guilt?

What would your life be like without these burdens ?

‘The path to Peace is paved with being Soulful!’

Once you become aware you then have choices…. You can choose to be a victim of the challenge or empowered by it. You can respond or react. Your power lies in how you interpret it…. Ego says it’s good, bad, right, wrong, perfect, failure….. Soul simply accepts it is what it is.

Developing the art of being Present is necessary as the present moment is the portal through which you align with your Soul.

For me personally Being Soulful is about having a life filled with meaning and purpose. It is about living life from a heart centred place where I know everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have. It is about aligning with my Soul Self, in order that I may harness my Authentic Power so I can rise to the challenges that ego sends and will continue to send in order that I may grow and fulfil my spiritual curriculum. As a child I used to wish ‘when I grow up I just want to make a difference’. I am blessed and privileged to have manifested this reality and I am truly grateful to work with each and every person that crosses my path.


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